I cannot thank Sunil enough for all his support and knowledge I am so gratefulas a parent with a child with challenges and fighting for an ehcp can be really stressful but it takes all that away. the best thing about him is that he takes all that stress away I am still in the middle of it all but with sunhill support I know I will get it it it's about not giving up it's about doing what's right for your child so I thank you on behalf my son Harry

Kerry Purcell

Straight talking, passionate and knows his stuff. With Sunil by your side you automatically gain credibility and the school, authority or whoever behind the red tape will sit up and listen.

It’s a very emotional time when you are fighting for your child. Sometimes it’s hard to convey or get your point across. After sharing my challenges with Sunil and explaining what I wanted. He was able to speak on my behalf, clear and concisely. He speaks with eloquence, knowledge and really does care about you and your child.


After his help we didn’t need to go to a tribunal and we were awarded the choice of school we requested.


Thank you Sunil 💓

Ife Thomas

We can’t thank SEN SAS enough for the support, efficiency and knowledge of the tribunal process whilst dealing with our son’s case from beginning to end. Sunil was always on the line and appeased our fears and anxieties throughout the process. Without his support and knowledge I don’t think we would have got our son to the school he needs to be at. If any parents of special needs children require legal assistance I fully recommend SEN SAS.

Thanks again.

David Rhys Williams

Sunil is a very accomplished advocate with an abundance of knowledge and skill in special educational needs. He has provided first class training workshops for Sen Talk CIC and he is our go to when it comes to advice and support. Couldn’t recommend SEN SAS enough.

Annaliese Boucher

Sunil provides excellent and sound legal advice and really wants to help parents. He understands SEN law and his help has been invaluable to me and my son. I highly recommend Sunil for honest, accurate and helpful support.

Morrissey Pen

SEN SAS provides independent advocacy and advice to parents with children special educational needs across London and outside Counties.

Sunil Chothi (Independent SEN Advocate)


email: contact@sensasadvocacy.co.uk

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